Stamp Duty and Registration charges in Pune

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Pune in 2022

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Pune form an integral part of the property transactions across the city. Real Estate being a state subject, so the stamp duty charges in Pune are decided by the Maharashtra state government. Stamp duty payment ensures that the property transaction is duly registered in the government records. Stamp duty charges are generally categorized as additional charges and do...

Agreements to buy a property in India

Difference between Agreement of Sale and Sale Deed

In real estate, people often use the terms - agreement of sale and sale deed - as synonyms. However, both are very different and executed at separate events. Agreement of Sale validates the seller and buyer entering a deal whereas Sale Deed legally identifies the new buyer as the owner of the property. When buying or selling immovable property, it is imperative to safeguard the activity through a legal...


MHADA – 20% reservation for affordable housing

Any development of layout exceeding an area of 4000 sqm will require a reservation of 20% of the built-up area for EWS (economic weaker section) and LIG (low income group) households. Incentive FSI of 20% will be provided to the developer and tenements will be handed over to MHADA at the ready reckoner rate. There is an amendment by Urban Development Department that the builder now need not have to...

Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement, Rights of Tenant and Landlord

The Indian government launched Rental Control Act to control the rent charges and protect the rights of the tenants as well as landlords. In July 2019, the government floated a proposed Model Tenancy Act (MTA) to promote and regulate rental housing in the country. The following rules are implemented in the Model Tenancy Act - The Security Deposit for residential tenancy is capped at two...

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