Different Types of Commercial Leasing

In reality, fully understanding a commercial lease requires attention to detail and help from a property broker. Who will be responsible for paying property taxes and insurance — you or the landlord? Who will pay for utilities? Who will cover maintenance expenses? To discover the answers to those important questions, you need to know exactly what kind of commercial lease you are signing. Lease...

calculate capital gain tax

How to Calculate Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Land ?

When you sell a property, be it a home or land, you have to pay capital gains tax on the same. Capital gains tax is of two types- Short-Term Capital Gains (STCG) for a property held for less than 36 months and Long-Term Capital Gains (LTCG) for above 36 months.In the case of STCG, the profits generated in the process of selling land is included in the taxable income of the owner and he/she has to pay...

gift deed of immovable property in India

Gifting an Immovable Property

When property is given to another person without any or little consideration, it is termed a gift. The property can be movable or immovable. A gift is valid if it is made voluntarily by the person giving the property and is accepted by the person to whom it is given. Let’s discuss how immovable property can be gifted to a near one. Gift Deed A gift deed is an agreement that is used, when a person...

loan against property

How is Home Finance different from Home Mortgage?

At its basic, Home Finance (also known as Home Loan) refers to the financial assistance taken from a bank or any financial institution (lender) to buy or construct a house; whereas Home Mortgage (also called as Loan Against Property or LAP) refers to financial assistance taken against a house or an immovable property for any use, as per the requirement of the borrower.  Understanding Home Finance...

Non Resident Indian Buying Property in India

NRIs buying property in India

Key things NRIs should keep in mind while buying property in India At one point in time, buying real estate property in India used to be a complex job. With specific legal reform over the years, it is now a seamless process. According to foreign exchange management act (FEMA) – a non-resident Indian is a resident outside of India for more than 182 days. RBI governs transactions like buying real...

capital gain tax on sale of property

Capital Gain Tax on Property Sale

Capital gains can be loosely termed as the profit generated from the sale of any investment or property. Depending on the duration of holding of these assets, capital gains are classified as long-term & short-term gains. According to the Income Tax Act, 1961, any immovable property with a holding period of more than 2 years is classified as long-term capital assets and any profit arise by selling...

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