Pune Outer Ring Road

pune ring road development

The traffic in and around Pune City has been increasing at high rate due to industrial and other socio-economic development in and around Pune City. As a result, roads radiating from the city in all directions were required to be widened to 4 lane/ 6 lanes.

The vehicles which are coming from one direction and proceeding to other directions pass through Pune City, thereby, creating traffic problems. Such passing traffic that does not required to enter the city. If this traffic diverted through road network outside the city limits will solve/decongest the traffic problem in intra-city. In absence of such peripheral connections, the load of external floating traffic is ever increasing on the intra city road network.

To avoid the traffic congestion in Pune, an Outer Ring Road is proposed for the city. The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) are responsible to make necessary provision for this plan. The total length of road is 160 KM. The total cost will be Rs 10,408.00 crore.

Pune Ring Road Development

Pune ring road project will be completed in four phases:

First Phase : Theur Phata (On NH 9) – Kesnand – Wagholi – Bhavdi – Tulapur – Alandi – Kalegaon – Chimbli (On NH 50)

Second Phase: Chimbli (On NH 50) – Moee – Nighoje – Sangurde – Shelarwadi – NH 4 – Shirgaon – Chandkhed – Pachne – Pimpoli – Rihe – Ghotawde – Pirangut.

Third Phase: Pirangut – Urwade – MuthaBhuli – Sangrun – Nigde – Khamgaon – Ghera – Sinhagad – Kalyan – Kondanpur – Sriramnagar – NH 4.

Fourth Phase: NH 4 – Gogalwadi – Patharwadi – Bhivri – Kanifnath – Theur Phata (On NH 9)

Source : Draft City Development Plan for Pune City 2041 available on https://pmc.gov.in

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